The Finesse

A finesse is winning a trick with a card when the opposition hold a higher card.

Look for finesse opportunities:

  • Attempt a finesse whenever 8; never 9 cards in a suit.
  • Consider whenever you hold the ace and another honor or two. 
    • Don’t forget Jacks and 10 cards can be finessed as well.

To finesse, lead a low card towards your Ace and spaces.

  • Always finesse low first, this will give you the best opportunity to win two out of three tricks.
    • Example: if you hold the Ace, Queen, 10 cards, finesse for the Jack first by leading low towards the strong hand, and playing the 10.  If the King and Jack are split, or if both are in the correct hand; re-finesse and you’ll win two tricks.  

Pseudo-finessing, leading the queen towards the ace, is not recommended without  strong follow-up support for your queen.  It will usually take out two of your honors, to one of the opponents.