Pulling Trump

When to pull trump:

  1. Count trump/identify number of trump out
  2. Count your tricks 
    • If you have the necessary tricks in hand, then pull trump
    • If not, hold off drawing trump to generate a few more tricks
      • Ruff losers in dummy
      • Take a quick discard.  Look to suits of inequal distribution on which you can sluff a loser.
      • Set up a side suit, which will require dummy’s trumps for reentry.
      • Beware of playing back the Opponent’s lead suit until trump have been pulled.

Before you play that first trump, consider the situation of an opponent nill or n/1 split situation.  Can the trump be played so that you can finesse the missing cards?   Playing low towards the high cards for every trick may not be the best play.

Consider this hand:


If West had high trump, not playing the King first could loose you a trick because you could not finesse it.