Elimination Plays

Elimination plays:
1) Run/clear a suit.
2) Pull Trump.
3) If you have a suit with a finesse, leave it for the opponents to open.
4) Play winners in 4th suit, then lead first loser.
5) Allow opponents their tricks and break your finesse suit.
6) Ruff/slough or win the finesse.

** If you are missing a throw in card or have too many losers, skip ruffing a trick, and slough instead.  This will eliminate a loser and give you your throw in card at the same time.

** If you’re stuck with only one suit with a needed finesse, try the finesse and let it lose, if the finesse doesn’t work in your favor. They will be end played, and have to lead that suit back. 


North: AQ9 (or 10), South: 7643.  From South, lead a card to North’s 9.

If West puts on either the 10 or J, play dummy’s Q.  If East can win with the K, he will be end-played, forced to either play a card back to dummy’s A 9, or give you a ruff-slough.