3rd Hand High & RULE of 11

Play third hand high (or highish) to WIN the trick.

  • If you hold the honor on either side of dummy’s honor, which dummy does not play, always play the lower honor (not any other card you hold)
  • Always play third hand high when partner leads and dummy has no honors.
  • Cover an honor with an honor!
    • Best when promoting lower ranked cards.
    • Cover dummy’s last honor.
  • Play third hand high, when you have a remaining doubleton with an honor in your hand greater than your partner’s card! Example: partner leads a king, you hold Ace+small
    • If this is a suit your partnership is planning to run, you must overtake the trick, and lead back the small, so that you can unblock the suit.
  • RULE of 11 – When 4th best is lead:
    • 11 minus (rank of 4th best card) = Number of higher ranked cards (over lead card) in dummy + declarer + your hand
    • This is used to determine what cards declarer holds, as opposed to your partner’s cards, in playing 3rd hand high.  Is a lower card better for the defense than the highest?
      • Does your hand contain a higher honor than dummy?
      • Use the standard leads of a card within a suit to select/signal partner to play.