2nd Hand Low & Covering an Honor w/ an Honor

Don’t play blindly, be aware of the situation.  The goal is to defeat the contract.

Play second hand lowthis allows partner’s card to be played last, which forces your opponent to play high.

  • Playing low will keep declarer guessing where high cards sit.
    • Combinations to watch for:
      • Dummy holds King + Jack; declarer will need to guess where the Ace and Queen are.  Be prepared to duck smoothly if you hold the Ace and are in the 2nd seat.
  • Will force declarer to use up entries to hands
  • Cover an honor with an honor to promote the Jack or 10 cards in your hand or your partner’s hand.  Otherwise, DUCK smoothly.  Look in dummy as soon as it is down for potential plays.
    • Duck finesses with suit length greater than dummy or declarer.
    • Recommended when holding a doubleton.
    • When playing after dummy:
      • Cover when dummy is leading it’s only honor 
      • If dummy has touching honors, cover the last honor (honors include the 10 card!)
      • If you have cards surrounding (card above and card below) dummy’s honor, always cover it.  You will be promoting your lower card.
    • Don’t cover an honor if it will finesse your partner.
    • Don’t cover an honor if dummy HAS TO play a higher honor.
  • Force dummy to play high if possible, split your honors.
  • Aces were meant to take Kings and Queens, duck with caution.