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Partner, what were you thinking?

I must preface that Partner is me.

I was subbing for a duplicate group this week and made a memorable mistake, you know the kind, where you relive it day after day after day.  😳 

I had a beautiful hand — 30+ points, game bid, and 10 trump just missing the queen.  I don’t remember all the details, but my partner commented after the hand ‘Why did you do that? You had it beat in your hand”, or something to that affect.

I had the ace in my hand and the king in dummy, West held the queen (unbeknownst to me).  I was thinking I just need to get that queen out of the way and then all my other trump are good.  I played low from dummy trying to drive the queen into my South ace.  East played low so I was a bit stuck:  1) Play the ace and take the trick; or 2) let it pass and get the queen out of the way in West.

Anyway, I choose option 2 and got the exasperated response from my partner when I went down by 1 trick.

Chances are that I had probabilities on my side to play for the drop.

Missing Queen — Holding 9 of Suit

Capture the Queen

Anyone else have a good guideline for this situation?