Responses to One of a Minor

Responder cannot introduce a new suit at the 2-level unless the hand meets both requirements:

  • Strength
  • Length


These are Limit Bids (communicating points & fit). 

Remember – partner may only have 3 cards in the suit!

  • With 0-5 points, pass.
  • With 6-11 points, bid a 4-card major if you have it.
  • With 6-11 points, no 4-card major, and even distribution, bid 1NT.
  • With 6-11 points, no 4-card major, and uneven distribution, either bid 2 of your partner’s suit or bid the other minor.
    • TIP: To overcall at next level, you should have 5 cards in that suit.
  • With 12+ points, bid a new suit (forcing) or jump to 2NT (forcing to game)
  • With 17+ points, think slam.

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