Opening No Trump

There is not a consensus on the point value for opening NT

  • 16-18 high card points (don’t count distribution).
  • 15-17 HCP not vulnerable / 16-18 points if vulnerable.
  • 15-17 points (including length points)



  • You should have no voids and no more than 1 singleton or doubleton.
  • Balanced hands work best!
  • At least 3 suits with 1 stopper each (A, K, Q).  Consider partner’s strong suit for 4th suit.
  • Opening with 1NT with a 5 card major suit is recommended (modern bidding)
  • Opening 2NT
    • Not forcing and can be passed
    • Important to be a balanced hand
    • Contain 20+ points
    • Conventions are ON – Stayman and Jacoby Transfers



  • Preemptive value


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