Jacoby 2NT

Jacoby 2NT is used to communicate to your partner that your partnership has a very good hand.


  • Opening partner has opened 1 of a major
  • Responding partner also has an opening point hand, and 4 cards of partner’s suit.


  • Opening partner has bids1 of a major (Exp:  1)
  • Responding partner has 12+ pts, and 4 ; bids 2NT (Jacoby 2NT)
  • Opener responds with either:
    • Level 3 bid of a suit with a void or singleton  (no fudging!)
    • Level 3 of major; (Exp:  3)
  • Responder replies with:
    • Next available feature suit with an Ace or King
  • Opener responds with
    • their feature suit
    • Blackwood
    • Closeout bid
  • This continues until a suitable contract is determined.