About Us

Lauren and Brenda met at a beginner’s bridge group early in 2016 and soon began keeping a compilation of notes from various sources. As that collection grew, the idea of a blog to keep track of it all seemed like a good idea.

lauren Lauren Brown – I played many card games with my family over the years, but never had the opportunity to play bridge.  I would hear my parents speak fondly of playing when they were first married, but we never had 4 players willing to learn.  Upon moving into a senior community this year, I took full advantage of local clubs that welcomed newcomers to the game.  I’m having a great time learning the intricacies of bridge, and find it fascinating that there are so few rules, but a rather a limitless number to conventions to improve your bidding and playing.  When not obsessing over bridge, I’m trying to stay active — learning pickleball or walking; working in IT; or spending time with my family here in Northern Virginia and online on BBO. 😛

meBrenda Egeland first played bridge many years ago in family games with just a cheat sheet her dad put together. Coming back to the game now and learning the intricacies gives her new appreciation for all that her dad knew! When not playing bridge in person or online, she is usually building web applications or quilting.